The name Suspended Brewing was inspired by a 100 year old Italian tradition called ‘caffè sospeso’, which translates to suspended coffee. The suspended tradition is simple and socially elegant: a customer orders a cup of coffee, but pays for two, “suspending” the second cup for another who cannot afford it.

The barista keeps track of cups in suspense with a log behind the bar. A person steps into the café and asks if there is a drink in suspense. If there’s a drink available, the barista crafts a cup of coffee and serves it free of charge.

We love the suspended concept because it allows a business to transform everyday, ordinary items like a cup of coffee—or say, a beer—into an opportunity for people to do something good.

In addition to making high-quality craft beer we want to make an ecologically focused and socially equitable business.

We promise to continuously examine the impact our company has on society. As we build our company from humble beginnings we will strive to achieve very ambitious goals.

The brewery has been built, furnished, and operated with ecological stewardship.

We currently utilize clean, renewable energy with a high-priority goal of becoming carbon neutral.

Between smart “green” purchasing policies, aggressive reuse and recycle practices, and our composting partnership with Waste Neutral, we are able to divert nearly all of our waste from landfill and incinerators.

We guide our purchases with socially sustainable intentions, sourcing as much as we can from other socially conscious companies.

Our goal is to build a place where people want to be, employees are proud to work, and other businesses are inspired to emulate.

Thanks for reading. Cheers!


To learn more about the Suspended tradition, check out this sweet NPR article.